Are you 5'3" or under?

Discover activewear designed specifically for petite women. At Avo Activewear, we ensure a perfect fit that flatters your frame without compromising on style or comfort

The Gemini Legging - Leaf Print - Avo Activewear

Goodbye #ShortGirlProblems

At Avo Activewear, we understand the struggle petite women face finding workout gear that truly fits. Founded by Ally, who stands at 5'1", we are dedicated to designing activewear specifically for petite frames. Our mission is to provide stylish, high-quality gymwear that eliminates the need for rolling, folding, or altering.

No more baggy knees or too-long leggings—just stylish, well-fitting activewear made for you!

Premium petite leggings for short women 5'3" and under. We specialise in a range of petite length leggings, adjustable sports bras and crop tops. Based in Bristol UK