Avo is an affordable activewear brand specialising in high quality women's petite sports clothing.
Although petite in length, our leggings can be worn by regular and taller height women as cropped or 7/8th styles.

Who & Why? 

Hey, I'm Ally Sevier, owner & founder, and here's the story of Avo.

Being 5ft1 I've often struggled to find clothing that fits both my height and shape. I've tried to make do with cropped leggings, the 7/8th ones, paying for overpriced petite ranges and even hemming my clothes on occasions because they were just too long. I'll often put up with the baggy material around my ankles because I love the leggings too much!

Then, in 2017, I had an idea. Why not create my own gym leggings in a petite length? I've always dreamed of owning my own business so I set about to create a brand that won't only solve my problem, but possibly that of many others.

I saw a gap in the clothing industry and I had an urge to fill it. This is the reason I created Avo.

My aim is to address the struggles I know many petite women will come across. I want to empower the petite size instead of it being an annoyance. No more adjusting or making do with standard length products. I want Avo to be a brand where petite women can finally find the products they've been searching for.

After all, can it get any better than petite clothing designed by a petite?!