The Story of Avo Activewear

Avo is the UK's 1st sportswear brand to specialise in activewear for women 5'3" & under. We offer a premium range of leggings, sports bras, tops, shorts & maternity leggings at affordable prices

We are proud to have been recognised as one of the best petite activewear brands by magazines such as Women's Health, Heat & Woman & Home and our Founder Ally has been named a finalist for four 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year' Awards in 2022/23

Meet The Founder - Ally Patterson

At 5'1", I’ve tried on more activewear brands than I can count, always struggling to find clothes that fit both my height and shape. I've resorted to cropped or 7/8th leggings, overpriced petite ranges, and paying extra for tailoring. Sound familiar? Frustrated with these options, I decided to create a brand to solve this issue for myself and other shorter women.

Throughout 2017, I secretly dedicated my free time outside my full-time job to this exciting new venture. With no prior experience, I had to learn everything from scratch - manufacturing, branding, marketing to name a few. Google quickly became my best friend!

After much research, I finally found a manufacturer who could meet the quality and care I needed. Nervously, I invested my savings into ordering my first 300 pairs of leggings. When the boxes of stock arrived, it finally felt real, and I launched the brand in November 2018.

The petite community was, and continues to be, incredibly supportive of the brand, and I was thrilled to see how much it resonated with so many women facing the same struggles.

My goal is to fill the gap in the fitness clothing industry and empower petite women, offering products designed specifically for our needs. Avo is a brand where petite women can find the perfect fit, created by someone who truly understands their struggle.